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Questions On Difficulties Of Speaking Disorders - 888 Words

Intercultural Written Assignment: Difficulties of Speaking Disorders Adam Cardenas Texas State University- San Marcos COMM 1310: Fundamentals of Human Communication Mrs. Tonya Stewart My name is Tom Fletcher, I am a 23 year old graduate student with a bachelor’s degree in communications, and pursuing a master’s degree in Communications. While I spend most of my time working towards my degree, ironically, I have a speech disorder where i have a lisp. A speech disorder is a communication disorder that disrupts one’s speaking ability. This can mean stuttering, lisps, etc. Someone who is unable to speak due to a speech disorder is considered mute. These issues while seeming so small, â€Å"effect almost 3 million americans† (NIDCD 1) including myself and needs to be addressed with what a person dealing with this issue goes through and what there is to cure it. A typical day for me is honestly mostly focusing on being a normal human being. I start my morning by doing speech exercises, and eating breakfast. One exercise i prefer to do is auditory discrimination, â€Å"You want to first begin with auditory discrimination activities in order to bring awareness to the difference between the /s/ and /z/ sounds and the /th/ sound they are using. Some kids have been lisping for so long, they really don’t know that it is inaccurate. It all sounds the same to them! So start with some listening activities.† (Heather 2). After my morning routine i get ready for classes. IShow MoreRelatedIdentifying Signs Of A Language And Communication1490 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Students were observed in a classroom setting for the purpose of identifying signs of a language and communication disorder. Speech, reading and writing skills were examined to identify areas of atypical development and to determine the appropriate formal assessment needed to further evaluate the student exhibiting a language deficit. A correlation between problems with expressive oral and written language was noted on observation. Possible intervention strategies are discussed to helpRead MoreThe Components Of Language Learners846 Words   |  4 Pagesfor children with disability is very hard to do. The IDEA definition of communication disorder is a problem disorder such as impaired articulation, a language impairment, or a voice impairment that adversely affects a child s educational performance. That definition means understanding others is very hard where the speech, hearing and talking is not in appropriate situation. When a child s primary difficulty is in learning and using language, this child is described as having specific languageRead MoreLearning Disability And Disorder ( Autism )1267 Words   |  6 PagesLearning Disability/Disorder A learning disability or disorder is a term used for various learning complications. Individuals who have to cope with a learning disability are not dumb or lazy, in fact, they are just as smart, or in some cases, smarter, than individuals without any disability. The only different thing between the two is that an individual with a disability has their brain wired somewhat different and this affects the way they receive and process information. This means that they seeRead MoreTypes Of Learning Disorders And Their Signs Essay1657 Words   |  7 PagesLearning Disabilities and Disorders Types of Learning Disorders and Their Signs Could it be that your child struggles with school? Do you observe he or she avoiding reading out loud, tackling a math problem, or writing an essay? Certainly every child has trouble with homework from time to time, if a certain area of learning is consistently difficult, it might point to a learning disorder. By being knowledgeable on all you can about learning disabilities, you can make sure your child gets the adequateRead MoreThe Neurodevelopmental Disorders ( Asd )1693 Words   |  7 PagesThe neurodevelopmental disorders, according to the DSM 5, are a group of conditions with onset in the developmental period. The disorders typically manifest early in development, often before the child enters grade school, and are characterized by developmental deficits that produce impairments of personal, social, academic, or occupational functioning. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is newly classified as such; it was once classified as â€Å"Asperger’s Syndrome.† ASD is a seve re neurodevelopmental impairmentRead MoreThe Mind And The Brain879 Words   |  4 Pagesinteracts with the environment differently from others; which does not make them abnormal in their community. People who are labeled with a disorder should be considered normal because they connect with society at their own pace. People who are autistic communicate with others through their actions. Individuals who have the autism spectrum disorder possess difficulties in reading, writing, socializing, and recognizing the emotions of others. In â€Å"Mindblindness†, Ann Jurecic states â€Å"We can never fullyRead MoreAdhd : Causes And Effects On Children976 Words   |  4 PagesADHD: Causes? And Effects on Children ADHD is a common acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is widely discussed and debated among professionals, scholars, parents and teachers. The first signs of hyperactivity alone were named in the late 1950s. ADHD is common among children today and many contend with the disorder. The causes of ADHD are still likely to be debated as many point the finger at a multitude of sources. Some of the possible causes are: heredity, environment, prenatalRead MoreTypes Of Aphasia And The Nervous System965 Words   |  4 Pagesmade up of nerves that are outside the brain and spinal cord. Nervous system diseases affect the functioning of the human nervous system consisting of the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system and one such disorder is aphasia. Aphasia is a neurological disorder that is caused by damage to the portions of the brain which is responsible for communication. Aphasia damages the left part of the brain that contains language and is usually caused by stroke but at the same time can be causedRead MoreThe Effects Of Autism On Children s Development1432 Words   |  6 Pagesbetter understanding of what autism was and what it caused certain people to do. The main question was, does it affect the child’s development? Living with autism can affect a child’s development due to the fact that they don’t have a long attention span, can cause them to have a repetitive behavior, along with trouble in social situations whether it be verbal or non verbal. Introduction Autism is a brain disorder that can affect a child’s development in the sense that they would have trouble with verbalRead MoreThe Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Adhd )816 Words   |  4 PagesHeartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students† (Highways, 2015). A link is in the reference page below. This video is filled with many children who differ on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder, or Central Auditory Processing Disorder. These children wanted to make a video to tell teachers about how their brain works. It makes clear that not all students learn alike. A teacher may think that a child

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Secular Sanctity and the Meaning of Life - 3110 Words

The Meaning of Life Introduction The secular saint, like the hero saint, is motivated by love. While Augustine tells us that the hero saint is moved by love for God, the secular saint as the humanist thinkers of our modern age assert is moved by love for self and/or fellow man. Thus, love appears to be at the heart of the meaning of life. Throughout history love has been given many different names. For the pagan Greeks, there was eros (erotic or sexual love), agape (spiritual love), and phileos (a kind of platonic, friendly love). For the Christians, love was best described as caritas charity (a selfless love of God and neighbor). The modern world, which turned in a sense away from the Christian concept of reality, adopted a more ego-centric idea of love of love that was not selfless but selfish. If todays secular saint finds meaning in life through love (with the object of that love subjective, i.e. different for each individual), for me the meaning of life is less subjective: Whether one is a secular or a hero saint, he is called to attain a level of holiness and virtue ultimately ending in union with God (the spirit of love). Augustines idea of love as having its beginning and its end in God may be considered the fruit of long meditation upon the question of the meaning of life. That fruit is there for any and all to taste. Therefore, this paper will show why I believe the meaning of life to be grounded in the caritas of Augustine: the perfect love hinted at byShow MoreRelatedThe Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research1711 Words   |  7 Pagespluripotent, meaning they are capable of undergoing directed differentiation and developing into a plethora of cell types. They have to potential therefore to cure a vast number of diseases, including Parkinson’s, diabetes, sp inal cord injury and heart diseases (V. Rebecca, 2013). Those who support the ECS research state that the week old blastocysts are purely a cluster of cells, not a human being. However those who detest the research view the week old blastocysts as an embryo, a human life. This isRead MoreActive Euthanasia: Physician Assisted Suicide is Wrong Essay1523 Words   |  7 Pagesterms is central. The most common term, euthanasia, comes from the Greek words meaning good death. Sidney Hook calls it voluntary euthanasia, and Daniel C. Maguire calls it death by choice, but John Leo calls it cozy little homicides. Eileen Doyle points out the dangers of a popular term, quality-of-life. The choice of terms may serve to conceal, or to enhance, the basic fact that euthanasia ends a human life. Different authors choose different terms, depending on which side of the issueRead More Voltaire and the Enlightenment Essay1364 Words   |  6 Pagesjury, complete religious toleration, and free speec h.2 Voltaire thought that Louis XV lacked in nearly all these areas, especially in the idea of toleration. Voltaire stressed the need for people to use reason to make decisions about life. Throughout Voltaires life, he inspired people to use their reason to make decisions about religion. He believed in social religion which was the belief in God and in a world of future rewards and punishments.3 Social religion was as old as creation and believedRead MoreThe Ethics of Euthanasia Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pageswhat physician-assisted suicide entails. When the topic of physician-assisted suicide comes up, many individuals believe it is the same as euthanasia. Euthanasia involves a physician actively injecting a patient with a legal drug in order to end life (Engdahl 16). However, this is not the case when it comes to physician-assisted suicide. According to â€Å"Assisted Suicide Overview† by Lee Stingl and M. Alexander, physician-assisted suicide is any case in which a doctor gives a patient (usually someoneRead MoreCan Christian Ethics Survive Within A Secular State?1550 Words   |  7 PagesCan Christian Ethics survive in a secular state?. Christian ethics is the study of the way of life that conforms to the will of God. Judgment of behaviour derives from the fundamental Christian virtues. These are prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice. Christian ethics is essentially a religious ethic and is deeply founded in the revelation of God. Therefore, â€Å"how does the decline of Christianity in modern Western societies impede the validity of a Christian ethical approach to contemporaryRead MoreThe Commercialization Of Christmas And Easter1609 Words   |  7 Pagesthe negative effects that ensue can actually cause people to withdraw from religion. Perhaps that is what Jesus meant when he said in Matthew 19:23 that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is easy to lose sight of the true meaning of religion when it becomes more of a tool for making money than a moral value system based on humility and caring for one another. Commercialism of Religious Holidays Christmas and Easter are notably the most sacred religious holidays on the ChristianRead MoreEssay on Art and the Bible1429 Words   |  6 PagesArt and the Bible Art and the Bible is an interesting approach at looking at art in all of its forms. It also answers the question what is the place of art in the Christian life? Along with the question it tries to put a general perspective on art. The different types of art that are mentioned are writing, painting, poetry, drama and music. The question is answered by looking in the Bible and finding specific example regarding art in all of its forms. The general perspectives on art are lookedRead MoreFrom An Ontic Community To The Age Of Mobilisation1018 Words   |  5 Pagesreligious beliefs, it is important to reassess the ground floor of the secularisation theory. In order to understand this new shift in religious belief, I would like to use Taylor’s discussion about Francis of Assisi. The latter renounced to  «his potential life as a merchant, his austerities, his stigmata » (431) to pursue a virtuous, religious path. Charles Taylor argues that some people are deeply moved by this tr ansformation while others condemn it. However, he continues to say that most people stay inRead MoreThe Sanctity Of Life, The Ethical Problem Of Voluntary Euthanasia2148 Words   |  9 PagesThe Sanctity of life, the ethical problem Voluntary Euthanasia has been considered a controversial topic for many decades. The idea of committing an act that involves the taking of human life is not one that many people would care to discuss openly. The main argument is that a person who has been diagnosed with an incurable illness and is in extreme pain and their ability to move has been limited, while that person still has control over their destiney should they be allowed take their own life (BowieRead MoreThe Last Major Civil Rights Milestone1878 Words   |  8 PagesThe Last Major Civil-Rights Milestone The United States of America was founded as a secular sanctuary for ideals like freedom, equality, and tolerance – few will argue against that. Over its history American culture has radically evolved as it strived to meet the ideals its nation was based upon, making changes like ending slavery and providing legal equality for women and minorities, changes that at the time seemed absurd but today are unquestionable merits that define what an â€Å"American† is. The

Blond and Person Free Essays

string(24) " is a fantastic person\." __Dyed hair       ___wavy hair    ___frizzy hair       ___straight hair    ___fair hair       ___a fringe hair    ___a parting hair    ___a pigair    ___a pory tail ( ) ___a bun ___streaks hair =high light    ___lank hair    ___greasy hair ___dry hair    ___shiny hair ___dandrufy    ___a wig    ___a toupee ___bald       The person I like to talk about is my friend Dina. She is buitiful girl and kind person. She love her family so much. We will write a custom essay sample on Blond and Person or any similar topic only for you Order Now She has got a long hair his colour is blond. She is white. She has buiteful family. She was study hard in her schoole. She is clever person. Her hopes is reading in history. I’d like to be friend for her. I’d love her to much. How are you? I would like speke on skryep my father. He works in a doctor. He shourt and fat and near a wint. He don’t love jop. He live in a marth Matroh. He don’t live in Mahalla. He don’t love crowed. He love me a lot. He hope seen me doctor. I’d like speak about personality very beautifol. He is called Magdi Yakoup. He helps illnes. He is an old man. He is successful. He makes surgery opparation in heats. He gaves children new life. The personal I will describe is my sister. She is beautiful. She has a long hair. She is blond. She is kind and helpful. She is clever in her work. She is a teacher of English. She like drawing. She is ideal for me. I want to be like her. My father is my ideal. He is tall and thin. He has a strong personality. He is fantestic character. He is a teacher. He like watching TV and he like films. He works hard in his school. I like him so much because he kind and clever. The person who I want to describe is my sister. She is blond. She is short and fit. She is kind and different on my sister the second. She has a baby. Ilove her so much. I see her ber week. She is very busy all the week. She is a nurse. She has a big heart. She likes her husband and all the people. She is a lovely person. I’d like to talk about my father. He is handsome. He has fine black hair and white clear skin. He is smart and always successful in his study. He is working now as a teacher in one primary school. He works hard and all the students love him. His favorite hoppy is playing football. He is too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much. I hope that he can live a long time. I wish him a long life. I’d like to speak about my father. He is a teacher. He works at one secondary school in Mahalla. All the students and his colleagues like and respect him as he is hard worker. He is too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much as he treats me gently. He likes fishing and cooking but my mother don’t like him to make anything in the kitchen. She complains from him as he making the kitchen untidy. However, my mother likes him and his cooking so much. Finally he is a funny and lovely person that everyone like to be a friend for him. I describe my mother. I love my mother. She is kind woman and good in workhouse. She is a teacher of English. Student love her because she love them and she teach English very well. She is a blond face. She love me and other family. She try to keep me and my brothers a good persons. She is cheerful. She is helpful. She helps other people if someone asked her any helping. Her hobbies is reading and watching t. v. about news. She hopes to me to be a doctor and I will try hard to achieve her dream. I love her and I will name my daughter that name like her. I will describe my mother. She is my friend. I love she so much. She is so kind and friendly. She working in her house. But she didn’t complete her education, but she is very clever. She cook well. She keep the house tidy and order. She like to go with her neighbours to the markets, this is her favourite hobby. At last, she is lovely woman. She likes shopping. I describe my mother. She is tall and fit. She got long black hair. She has eyes green. She is great. She is kind woman. She is clever in the workhouse. She is deals good and nice. She like sport and computer games. All people love her. My mather is paitent. Although her life is hard, she is smiling all the time. My mather is blond. She is help a life. She is personality great. She is beautiful. She is ideal. She is tired for her children. She is teacher. She is like exciting adventure. I like my mother. my mom is my reason to live. She looks after me and my brothers. She is housewife. She is quiet tall. She is kind and helpful. She teach me how to communicate with people. She is blond with green eyes. She is a great woman. She teach me how to depend on myself. She is my ideal. I would like to be like she. She is a friendly with me. She said to me if I want to do any thing tell her about it before I do it to tell me that is write or wrong because she would like to see my and my brother good person and all of people love ours. I thinks God to givemy mother like this. I should does it ‘s best to pleased her because she learned me and looking after me. She likes to stay with me and my brothers. My father is a fantastic person. You read "Blond and Person" in category "Essay examples" He works as an engineer. Everyone love him. He is nice, well-dressed and tidy. He is very useful person. He has a big knowledge and very intelligent. He helps me in my life and study as he can. He works for a long hours. He is always busy but although he comes with me to the club on Friday. As a whole , I think he is the most wonderful person I ever know. My father is a great person. He works as a teacher. Everyone respect him. He is open mind. He is very useful person. He have information about everything you can imagine. He always help me in my study. He know a lot about our religion El-Islam. He is preacher in mosque. In general, I think he is the most wonderful man in the world. My brother Ibrahim. He is kind and funny. He is work in a company. He is blond. He is short. He is my friend. He is my mirror. He advise me and gives opportunity speak. He likes travel, and trips. He likes life. I would like to describe my uncle. He is very kind man. He is tall man, fit. He like plays tennis. He is look smart. His eyes are black and he works in tanta university. He is professor in this university. I like him that he is kindly, helpful, patient and friendly. I proud because he is my uncle. I loved him. My father is a great man. I admire him most. He is tall and fit. He look likes Ahmed Al-saka. He has a black her, a small lips and a wide eyes. He is an ingineer. He is a hard man in his work but he is helpful. He likes his work so much. His favourite hoppy is playing football and watching t. v. news. Really he is a man with all the word meaning. Ever since I first met my admirable friend Noha on a journey for Alexandria several years ago, she has been my favourite, irreplaceable companion. At first glance you can also see her long, blond hair, as well as slender body which make her look really amazing. She has a beautiful face with blue eyes, small nose and large beautiful mouth. The most characteristic thing about Noha is her sense of humour. She is sociable and often cheers everybody up in different situations. Moreover, she is ambitious and optimistic. She seems quick-tempered but in reality deep down, she is really an amiable person. In her spare time, she goes either to the mosque or the club with her elder sister. To sum up, Noha really deserves admiration due to her good ualities. She shows people how to be a better person. I hope our friendship will never end. Ahmed is my old brother and my best friend as well. He looks likes Rogdy Abaza. He is handsome, well-built and robust. He has black fair hair, black eyes like coal and light skin. Moreover, He has a good appearance as he is stylish and well-dressed. He is a kind and ambition. He is very religious and his only hoppy is reading Koran. He is a student in Science University. He likes the study of science so much. He studies hard and hopes to be like Ahmed Zeweil. He always helps me to overcome any problems face me. He keeps my secrets. I really respect and love him. My mother is the most important person in my life. She really deserves to be talked about all the time. She is somewhat short but beautiful and good-looking. She is a teacher in my secondary school. She works hard and all student s love and respect her. She always helps me in my study. She want me to be a doctor. She gives me advices to be the best girl in the world. She is intelligent, clever and open mind and funny that my father feels that she is his heart. She is kind . She helps the poor people. Really I like her so much and can’t live without her. I’d like to tell you about my mother. This is a person who admire it most. She is quite tall. She has long hair. She is a teacher. She is very beautiful. She is generous and kind woman. She helps other people. She is cheerful. I like it very much. Now, She is very ill, I hope her a speed recovery. She works in El-Mahalla Secondary school. She goes everyday except Friday. On Friday, we go to our farm. It is very big. We go there and have lunch. After that we play together. Finally , I ‘d like to be like she. My mother’s sister or my aunt is the person who I want to talk about most. She suffered a lot, but never asked for help as she think that asking for help is symbol of weakness. She always have a smiled face. My aunt lives in Abu-Ali in Gharbia. She is my idol. She has good characteristics. She is impetuous, kind, clever, generous, She always wears awide black dress with a black veil. She is religious too. She always tell us religious stories. Finally I can said that she is a pretty woman. I will describe my grandma. She has the perfect words that I need for my progress. She has a beautiful smile. Some people says I look like her when she was teenager. I think it is true and I am happy for that. My grandma has many talents. She can cook very fast. She is good storyteller. I admire her because she is very intelligent, and she had many goals in her life. My mother goes to her work and leave me and my brother and sister with her. She takes care of us because she loves us like I and my brother and sister love her. She was an Arabic teacher but now retired. So I wanted to be a teacher like her, with small difference, I’m English Teacher. She was working hard every day and untile now she likes to learn something new every day. She always can advise me, when I am making a decision. I think it is the best person on Earth. How to cite Blond and Person, Essay examples

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Mississippi River free essay sample

She learned to set hens, and raise chickens, feed pigs, milk cows, plant and harvest a garden and carry every fruits and vegetables. She carried water nearly a quarter of a mile from well to fill her wash boilers in order to do her laundry on a scrub board. She also had to shuck grain, feed threshers, and shock and husk corn, feed corn pickers. In winter she sewed dresses, trousers and jackets for the children, housedresses, aprons for herself. She even made pillows from plucking each bird’s breast feathers, not only for her family but also for her relatives. Every morning and evening she milked cows, fed pigs and calves, cared for her chickens, picked eggs, cooked meals, washed dishes, rubbed floors. Apart from these works and household chores she had to look after her children. Even after her car accident and she was paralyzed she didn’t stop working. We will write a custom essay sample on Mississippi River or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page From her wheel chairs she canned pickles, baked bread, ironed clothes, wrote dozens of letters weekly to her friends and children. 2. Why isn’t Martha Smith eligible for a death benefit? Martha smith was a very hard working woman who worked throughout her life to sustain or keep family going. She served her entire family and relatives doing all the household chores. But work done by her in home didn’t entitle her the dead benefit. She wasn’t eligible for the dead benefit because she never served for the state. And according to the government any job is considered work only when the person gives service to the country. The household work is still not considered a work by government. So; Martha smith is not eligible for the dead benefit. 3. How does government define work? For government a work done by a home maker to sustain or keep family going is not a work. Acccording to the government any work done by a person which gives service to a country and he gets wages for it and pays apart of wages as tax to the government is called work. Purpose and audience 1. What is the essay’s thesis? Why do you suppose it is never explicitly stated? Thesis-a woman who works all her life day and night is not regarded as work or not entitled for a death benefit. Thesis is not explicitly stated as it is not mentioned in the introduction part or in the conclusion part. 2. This essay appeared in ms magazine and other publications whose audiences are sympathetic to feminist goals? Could it just as easily have appeared in the magazine whose audience was not? Explain. This essay is mainly focused towards the feminist side but the fact is that it also has a human appeal that suits everyone to read it and also understand exactly the same way as a woman could feel . The mother represents the whole of the women side. It is suitable for the non-feminist readers as well. It could have been published in the other magazines also. While reading this essay we could visualize Martha smith as our own mother. Even our mother works rigorously as her. 3. Smith Yackel mentions relatively little about her father in the essay. How can you account for this? The essay, â€Å"My mother never worked† is written by Yackel and this essay is a tribute to her mother. She has mainly written about her mother who worked rigorously throughout her life to sustain her family. She hasn’t mentioned about her father as she wants to divert all the reader’s attention towards her mother. She wants all the readers to know and recognize how hard a mother works for her children or family throughout her life. And even though she had worked so much she isn’t eligible for the death benefit. Style and structure 1. Is the title effective? If so, why? If not, what title can you suggest? The title my mother never worked is very effective. The thesis of the essay is the topic itself. The author’s mother is a hard working woman who has served her family throughout her life doing all sorts of household chores. This essay has an ironical meaning. And due to this it grabs the attention of the reader’s . The first impression of the reader after reading the title is that the mother might be lazy. But after reading the whole essay we come to know that her mother worked hard for her children and family throughout her life. 2. Smith Yackel could have outlined her mother’s life without framing it with the telephone conversation. Why do you think she includes this frame? The essay starts with the telephone conversation the writer could have outline her mother’s life without framing it with the telephone conversation but the writer has included the telephone conversation to make the essay more interesting and effective. If she had started the essay normally then the impression and impact upon the reader’s would not have been so strong. 3. What strategies does Smith Yackel use to indicate the passing of time in her narrative? The passing of the time is clearly mentioned by the writer by mentioning the date or the year. . This narrative piles details one on the top of another almost like a list. Why does the writer list so many details? The writer has written the events in a chronological order. He piles the events one on top of another like a list. This is because the chores done by her mother is continuous and repetitive in nature. Therefore she has mentioned dates to make readers know that she d id all the works in every event or throughout her life even though she was financially secure. 5. In paragraphs 20 and 21, what is accomplished by the repetition of the word ‘still’? In paragraph 20 and 21; By the repetition of the word ‘still’ , the writer wants the readers to know that her mother worked day and night continuously throughout her life. Even after she got paralyzed due to the car accident or war she didn’t stop working. Vocabulary projects Scrounge-to get or trying to get something by asking and without praying for it Shuck-to remove the covering of the grains Shock-to shake violently Husk-to remove the outer covering of the grains, nuts or corns Rutted-the deep tracks that have been made by wheels Reclaimed-to get something which you have lost again Flax-a plant with blue flowers. Its stem is used to make thread, rope and cloth and seeds are used for making linseed oil Fodder-food given to the cows, horses and other animals Intricate-having lots of part and small details that fit together Sustenance-means of support 2. Try submitting equivalent words for those italicized in this sentence: He wooded her thoroughly and persistently by mail, and though she reciprocated all his feeling for her, she dreaded marriage†¦ He attracted her completely and continuously by the letters and though she responded all the feeling for her, she feared marriage. How do your substitutions change the sentence’s meaning? Even though the meaning of both the sentences is the same, the charm of the first sentence is gone. The beauty of the words presented by the writer is lost and the sentence is even not effective as the first one. 4. Throughout her narrative, Smith Yackel uses concrete, specific verbs. Review her choice of verbs, particularly in paragraphs 13-24, and comment on how much verbs serve the essay’s purpose. The writer uses concrete and specific verbs in the essay. Some of the used by her are plucked, stuffed and harvested. The essay’s main purpose is to make the readers know what kind of tasks her mother did throughout her life. Journal entry Do you believe homemakers should be entitled to social security death benefits? Explain. I believe homemakers should be entitled to the social security death benefits. According to the law of government any job or work done by a person is considered as work only when he gives his service to the country and expects wages from it and pays a part of it as a tax to government. The work or household chores done by house makers to sustain their family is not considered work. Federal law entitles with social security death benefits to only those who, in the eyes of state, worked during their life. Here ‘worked’ means a job or trade done in a legal manner or work that can be recognized in terms of documents. Unfortunately the work done by Martha smith did all her life do not fall under this criterion. Therefore she isn’t eligible for social security death benefits. But by saying this we can’t ignore the fact that she did almost everything she could do to earn her family’s living. Like Martha smith there are numerous women in the country who dedicate their whole life for family and children. Such work can’t be presented on a paper or tax clearance certificates or a salary cheques. Works like domestic chores, poultry, farming, and small vegetable gardens, sewing etc don’t get recognized or authorized â€Å"work† document. But these are the works people can live their whole life on. Their work can’t be ignored by just saying that their work is not a work in the eyes of state. They deserve to be entitled for social security benefits and their work should be appreciated by the state. Writing workshop 1. If you can, interview one of your parents or grandparents (or another person you know who might remind you of Donna Smith-Yackel’s mother about his or her work, and write a chronological narrative based on what you learn. Include a thesis statement that your narrative can support. I was sitting alone, looking at the sky. It was clear, blue and high. I was in my own world, lost in my own imagination. Suddenly, my grandmother came from behind and asked what I am doing. I said that I am looking at the beautiful clear and blue sky. I told her that I want to go there and asked her whether it is easy to reach there. She said it’s not so easy to reach there, not at least when the journey up to heights is your life. You have to struggle a lot to reach there.

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What is motivation Essays

What is motivation Essays What is motivation Essay What is motivation Essay Motivation Is the vehicle that Initiates, guides and sustains goal-oriented behaviors. It Is what causes us to take action, whether to grab some food to diminish hunger or enroll in college to earn a degree. The substance that lies beneath motivation can be biological, social, emotional or cognitive in nature. Motivation is compounded into three areas, the first being things in which prompt the conduct, the second is the gold in the direction of which the conduct was directed, and lastly the motive for changes in the passion of the behavior. Motivation is not something that can be seen or touched directly it is more of a hypothetical state: it is implicated by observable behavior. A study was done utilizing the use of two rats. The rats had a specially constructed cage, in which they pressed a lever to obtain food. They found that the rats did this without being promoted after a while because this behavior was learned. This study Illustrates a form of motivation within the rats. What motivated them was hunger, which presented the need for food. In this case the desires to want food were the rats need. There are three major components to motivation: activation, persistence and intensity. Activation involves the decision to initiate a behavior, such as enrolling in a psychology class. Persistence is the continued effort toward a goal even though obstacles may exist, such as taking more psychology courses in order to earn a degree although it requires a significant investment of time, energy and resources. Finally, intensity can be seen in the concentration and vigor that goes into pursuing a goal. Performable, one student might move effortlessly and smoothly thou much effort, while another student will study daily, engage in discussions and take advantage furthering their studies and their research opportunities outside of the classroom. Motivation is defined as the process that Initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation Is what causes us to act, whether It Is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge. It involves the biological. Emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. C. EXERCISE There are two types of self-esteem which have extraordinarily different significances, lobar self-esteem being more applicable to psychological well- being, and specific self-esteem being more applicable to behavior. Our self esteem echoes on how we feel, and what we have confidence in about ourselves. In the academic world self esteem can be global or specific. Global self esteem refers to our general judgment of worth, whereas specific self esteem relates to precise areas of your life. For example, a person can have low self esteem in one area of life yet high self esteem in another. Low self esteem could be categorized as feelings of low self worth and a lack of self-assurance. There may also be a lack of self-belief, possibly negative belief about our observation of self. I sometimes hear people with low self esteem say very negative things about themselves such as: Im needy l use people Im stupid Im selfish If confronted, people will frequently defend their accounts by coming up with excuses and explanations for their comments and behavior. They fight to uphold this instructive view of themselves and will possibly become angry at any proposal that they have any self worth. These same people when presented with a flattering mark are more likely to pay no attention to it or even dispute it . An the other hand, a person with low self esteem wouldnt follow this pattern. On the surface they appear secure and may even give a sense of high self value. These people are sometimes described as egotistical although not always. They are in essence either deliberately or involuntarily faking it. A person with low self esteem constantly lives in fear of being discovered. A great example of this is, my co-heart Miguel, states that he graduated High School at the age 16, yet is only returning to further his education owe at the age of 22. Self esteem for other people stands in a middle position generally the individual feels good about themselves however they may be defenseless to outside events. When things in life go wrong they will experience a plunge in self esteem. The long term impact of that plunge depends on their resilience. The better our self esteem the more resilient we tend to be. It is suitable to be effected by crisis, trauma and disaster. Lack of reaction would suggest the person has a mental imbalance. We can however improve our resilience. V. LEARNING ACTIVITIES C. EXERCISE Ill. Cognitions balance explains how people tend to maintain consistency in patterns of liking and disliking are balanced, the interrelation or arrangements of parts in a complex entity are stable. When they are imbalanced, these mutual or reciprocal relations are unstable and there is pressure to change in the direction that makes them balanced. Festering was a philologist who expanded on the cognitive dissonance theory. Dissonance and consonance are associated among cognitions which are, among opinions, beliefs, awareness of the environment, and awareness of ones own actions and emotions. Two beliefs, or opinions, or objects of knowledge are dissonant with one another if they do not fit together, if they are conflicting, or if, considering only the specific two items, one does not trail the other. For example, a person who is a cigarette smoker may believe that smoking is bad for their health has stance that is dissonant with the knowledge that he is continuing to smoke. He may have many other beliefs, views, or items of understanding that are consonant with maintaining to smoke but the dissonance nonetheless exists too. Dissonance creates discomfort and, likewise, there will stem pressures to diminish or eradicate the dissonance. Efforts to diminish dissonance represent the recognizable manifestations that dissonances exist. Such attempt may take some or all of three forms. The person may try to adjust one or more of the views, beliefs, or behaviors associated with the dissonance; to obtain new information or beliefs that will raise the existing consonance and thus resulting in the total dissonance to be reduced; or decrease the importance of those cognitions that are in a dissonant relationship. Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an adjustment, change, or modification in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance. V. LEARNING ACTIVITY C. EXERCISE II. Extrinsic motivation transpires when we are motivated to execute a behavior or partake in an activity in order to receive a reward or evade a punishment. Examples of behaviors that are outcomes of extrinsic motivation include: Studying so you can attain a good grade Cleaning your room to evade being chastised by your parents Partaking in a Contending i n a contest in hops to win a scholarship Within each of these examples, the behavior is motivated by a yearning to obtain a reward or avoid a negative result. Intrinsic motivation involves partaking in a behavior because it is personally pleasing; in essence, performing an activity for your own sake as opposed to the longing for some external reward. Examples of behaviors that are the outcomes of intrinsic motivation include: Taking part in a sport cause you find the activity enjoyable Solving a word problem because you find the challenge fun and interesting Playing a game because you find it exhilarating In each of these scenarios, the individuals behavior is motivated by an internal longing to take part in an activity for its own sake. So, the crucial distinction between the two types of motivation is that extrinsic motivation occurs from outside of the individual while intrinsic motivation arises from within. V. POST-TEST Achievement refers to an individuals aspiration for momentous accomplishment, asters of skills or high standards. Psychologist David McClellan studied motivation extensively and theorized that individuals have needs that influence their performance. One of these needs is achievement which can be defined as an individuals need to meet realistic goals, receive feedback and experience a sense of accomplishment. For example, workers who strive for achievement will work very well in corporations where they are given regular performance evaluations. They are eager and satisfied with their Jobs because goals are set, they are given constructive r instructive feedback on past behaviors and given some type of rewards if they performed well. This personality trait is characterized by a lasting and steady concern with setting and meeting high standards of achievement. This need is inclined by a internal drive for action (intrinsic motivation), and the demands exerted by the hopes of others (extrinsic motivation). Measured with the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), need for achievement encourages an individual to thrive in competition, and to surpass in activities vital to the individual. Need for achievement s correlated to the toil of tasks people choose to embark on. Individuals with low need for achievement may elect very easy tasks, in order to reduce the risk of failure, or highly difficult tasks, such that a failure would not be embarrassing. Individuals with high need for achievement have a tendency to choose difficult tasks, feeling that they are stimulating, but within reach. Persons high in need for achievement are considered by a propensity to pursue challenges and have a high degree of independence. Their most filling reward is the acknowledgement of their achievements.

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Ottoman Empire Society and Structure

Ottoman Empire Society and Structure The Ottoman Empire was organized into a very complicated social structure  because it was a large, multi-ethnic and multi-religious empire. Ottoman society was divided between Muslims and non-Muslims, with Muslims theoretically having a higher standing than Christians or Jews. During the early years of Ottoman rule, a Sunni Turkish minority ruled over a Christian majority, as well as a sizable Jewish minority. Key Christian ethnic groups included the Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians, as well as Coptic Egyptians. As people of the Book, other monotheists were treated with respect. Under the millet system, the people of each faith were ruled and judged under their own laws: for Muslims, canon law for Christians, and halakha for Jewish citizens. Although non-Muslims sometimes paid higher taxes, and Christians were subject to the  blood tax, a tax paid in male children, there was not a lot of day-to-day differentiation between people of different faiths. In theory, non-Muslims were barred from holding high office, but enforcement of that regulation was lax during much of the Ottoman period. During the later years, non-Muslims became the minority due to secession and out-migration, but they were still treated quite equitably. By the time the Ottoman Empire collapsed after World War I, its population was 81% Muslim. Government Versus Non-Government Workers Another important social distinction was that between people who worked for the government versus people who did not. Again, theoretically, only Muslims could be part of the sultans government, although they could be converts from Christianity or Judaism. It did not matter if a person was born free or was a slave; either could rise to a position of power. People associated with the Ottoman court or divan were considered higher status than those who were not. They included members of the sultans household, army and navy officers and enlisted men, central and regional bureaucrats, scribes, teachers, judges, and lawyers, as well as members of the other professions. This entire bureaucratic machinery made up only about 10% of the population, and was overwhelmingly Turkish, although some minority groups were represented in the bureaucracy and the military through the devshirme system. Members of the governing class ranged from the sultan and his grand vizier, through regional governors and officers of the Janissary corps, down to nisanci or court calligrapher.  The government became known collectively as the Sublime Porte, after the gate to the administrative building complex. The remaining 90% of the population were the tax-payers who supported the elaborate Ottoman bureaucracy. They included skilled and unskilled laborers, such as farmers, tailors, merchants, carpet-makers, mechanics, etc. The vast majority of the sultans Christian and Jewish subjects fell into this category. According to Muslim tradition, the government should welcome the conversion of any subject who was willing to become Muslim. However, since Muslims paid lower taxes than members of other religions, ironically it was in the Ottoman divans interests to have the largest possible number of non-Muslim subjects. A mass conversion would have spelled economic disaster for the Ottoman Empire. In Summary Essentially, then, the Ottoman Empire had a small but elaborate government bureaucracy, made up almost entirely of Muslims, most of them of Turkish origin. This divan was supported by a large cohort of mixed religion and ethnicity, mostly farmers, who paid taxes to the central government. Source Sugar, Peter. Ottoman Social and State Structure. Southeastern Europe Under Ottoman Rule, 1354 - 1804. University of Washington Press, 1977.

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Joint Venture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Joint Venture - Assignment Example In doing so, it provides an insight into trade between UK and China, with a focus on joint ventures. The importance of trade between UK and China cannot be underestimated as Dr Kegang Wu, (director of Chinalink, an arm of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce which offers expert help to companies across UK looking to trade with China and Chinese companies seeking an entry into UK), points out : There are still only around 300 UK companies doing business with China. In Cologne in Germany there are already more than 1,000. The numbers in France and Spain are also in the thousands. ....Relationships between Europe and China are being forged across many sectors. ....It is also estimated that in a few years China will control a 25% share of the worldwide textiles market. At the moment the focus is very much on British firms doing business over there but that will change rapidly as more and more Chinese companies look to expand into Europe. (MC Donough, 2005) Joint ventures have been used as entry vehicles as well as modes of sustaining operations in China. To understand the benefits and losses of a joint venture between Tots bots and V-Baby, one needs a basic understanding of the definition of a joint venture, at least a brief acquaintance with the background of each company, and an idea of what other modes are available for a foreign investor like Tots bots to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. 1.1 Company backgrounds Established in 1991, V-Baby is a hundred per cent export-oriented enterprise located in Ningbo, very close to Shanghai. It is a brand owned by V-Baby LLC, an American company located in New York, and is a limited company. It deals in babywear from 0-24 months. All its styles are designed by designers in New York, while the sales and production are carried on by the Ningbo V-Baby. It employs between 100 to 500 people for its sales and production and 40 to 50 people for its research and development, and operates from well established production premises. It has an online presence, and its products can be purchased over the internet. It emphasises on quality, protection of children, and is environment-friendly. It seeks to make sales worldwide by adding to its current client base, increase its present revenue, and build a stable brand reputation. On the other hand, Tots bots was born in 2000 in Glasgow, and is the brainchild of a Scottish mother who decided to provide an effective, easy, environment-friendly and cost-saving alternative to disposable nappies. With a staff of merely 20 people and counting, this company has recorded phenomenal growth in sales, and a great brand reputation in UK and other European countries. Its products are also available for sale online, and it caters to the 0-24 months segment of babies, just like V-Baby and it similarly prioritises baby welfare by using chemical-free soft terry fabric for its nappies, perfect for better baby health. It is a nascent company with great growth potential that currently seeks to lower the cost of raw materials and manufacture without compromising on quality and possibly enter different markets as well as further segments of baby products. 1.3. What exactly is a joint venture and why this is the best option for both companies Joint ventures can be defined as legally and economically